Summer Performance Camp





*there will be no sessions July 5-9

Fusion Sports Lab, Lindale, TX

Looking for a competitive edge? Look no further than Fusion Sports Lab Summer Performance Camp! Performance Training for all athletes of any sport! We will focus on increasing linear speed, acceleration, & change of direction quickness. Athletes will become more powerful and explosive, improve strength, & enhance stamina. Our younger athletes will learn proper fundamentals, safety, & confidence for future development.

*High School $295

*2021 incoming freshmen

90-minute session Monday-Thursday (4x a week), Includes movement session (warm-up, power training, movement techniques, conditioning, and weight room)
Our high-school athletes will work in smaller groups to ensure every athlete is given indivudalized attention from our coaches. We will focus on improving and fine-tuning athletic ability. Our programs are designed to increase speed and acceleration, give athletes the explosiveness and power to change direction, and increase strength, endurance, and minimize the risk of injury. We do this by building on proven foundations to give your athlete the edge they need to be competitive in their sport by building a better athlete.

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Junior High School $225

90-minute session Monday-Wednesday-Friday (3x a week), Includes fluency of movement training, bodyweight strength training, and competitive application.  Groups will primarily be operating in stations and will finish with group competitive activity.

High school prep athletes will focus on building the foundation needed to take their skills to the high school level. We will focus on cementing the proper movement tpatters and techniques for speed and change of direction, as well as teaching proper form in the weight room to build strength, muscle endurance, and the stability needed to build on their athletic ability.

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Learn to Train $225

All kids 8 years and older need to learn to train. Tons of fundamentals, proper progression, while having fun with more of their peers will lead to teamwork and camaraderie. We will focus on building your youth athlete to be prepared for the next level! Our focus is to give your young ahtlete the foundation needed with proper fundamentals, age-specific training, character development, and the confidence to be able to compete!

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 Please note that parents do not need to be a member of the Fusion Athletic Club for their child to partcipate.