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Youth Fitness & Performance In Lindale, TX

Imparting confidence, accomplishments, and pride into one kid at a time

According to the CDC, over 13.7 million children and adolescents — almost 20% — suffer from obesity. This number is too high and continues to grow. It’s a statistic Fusion Sports Lab strives to lower.

Fusion Athletic Club is the home of Fusion Sports Lab, a youth and fitness program for any athlete regardless of limitations or skill level. Whether your child is doing whatever it takes to get a starting spot on a team, or they need to sharpen their skills to outplay the competition, we are here to help them reach those goals and reach their full potential.

What Fusion Sports Lab Professionals Offer To Kids

No matter the level or ability of your youth athlete, we integrate and target key periods of athletic development into our programs. This allows your athlete to not only achieve their short-term goal, but also build the foundation of achieving goals at the next step of their development as their skills and abilities progress.

For parents who are curious about Fusion Sports Lab, we invite you to our observation deck to see what sessions are like. We’ve also created Fusion Sports Lab to allow parents and their kids to simultaneously exercise by joining Fusion Athletic Club. No worries if working out isn’t your thing, though. Your kids can still be a trainee in Fusion Sports Lab

Check out more information about our facility’s offerings for adults through Fusion Athletic Club and Fusion Fifty, as well as membership info!

Mission Statement

Fusion Sports Lab is committed to working with the youth in our communities. We believe that our youth should have the opportunity to reach his or her full athletic potential no matter their limitations or natural ability and embrace physical activity throughout their entire life.