Member Success Stories


Life changing results!

What made you begin your health and fitness journey?
For me, there wasn’t a health scare or an event of any kind that changed my focus.  There was however what I guess was a moment of clarity.  August 1, 2021 just another Sunday when the thought popped into my head of just how ridiculous my weight and lack of motivation had become. I found Fusions’ website, signed up on line right then and start my new routine the following morning.  I guess I just reached a point that enough was enough.  Too bad it had to reach the point it did before I did something about it, but I guess it’s better late than never.  
How has your progress been? 
My progress (I think) has been pretty good.  Slow and steady. No week or weeks of huge weight loss.  2 pounds of weight loss per week on average for the first several months.  As I built muscle and my body fat percentage started to drop, some weeks the scale didn’t move, but I could see difference in my body composition.  The more I learned from people around me (staff and members), the more I understood where I was making mistakes and where I was doing things correctly.  I continue to uncover mistakes and make adjustments.  I started out working out 5 - 6 days each week. I figured out how many calories, how much protein and carbohydrates I needed daily and I was off to the races.  All that said, nearly 18 months later, I’m down 105lbs and counting. 
What do you attribute your success to? 
I think a big part of my success can be credited to a few things. There is the obvious nutrition and training, but Fusion is a really welcoming gym.  I expected it to be uncomfortable, but what choice did I have at that point? That wasn’t the feeling I ended up having at all.  I’ve received tons of help from others.  People that know me well, would be shocked, but I started asking questions daily.  Not once has anyone hesitated even for a second to take the time to answer my questions.  I’m sure there’s been moments that they’re like “ oh man! Here comes Aaron and his 75 questions.  Don’t make eye contact.”  Kidding.  Numerous people have help me continuously over the last 18 months.  I try to do the same for anyone new at the gym that’s going down the same path. 
What would you tell others to encourage them on their own journey? 
There’s nothing special about me.  If I can do it, anyone can do it.  It just takes some time, effort and consistency.
When did you start your journey with Fusion and why? 
I started at fusion in December 2021 when my son was about one month old. I joined because I had been working out alone in my garage for a year or so during Covid and wanted a community in Lindale and more diversity in my workout routine. I started with Fusion 50 which was a perfect match, all the exercises I love doing and fantastic teachers and people to work out with! 
How have you managed being a full time nurse, a mom of two, and time taking care of yourself? 
I had a really difficult time after my first baby with postpartum depression and anxiety. Taking care of my physical body is a huge part of taking care of my mental health, and during my second pregnancy/postpartum I made exercise a priority. Working full-time, being a mom to 2 and consistently working out can be pretty difficult, but I’ve found the saying “you make time for what’s important to you” to be very true. Having the motivation and support from other people at the gym like Dayna has also made it so much easier. If I can just get myself there, I know I’ll get a great workout and feel accomplished. 
What do you attribute your progress to? 
Consistency and balance with moving my body and what I put in it. Not waiting on motivation to get started. I’ve learned to get started and the motivation will come.
How do you feel now versus when you began?
I’ve gotten a lot stronger and also have a group of people I consistently look forward to seeing every week. I feel really supported and thankful for the Fusion community. 
What would you tell others including postpartum moms to encourage them on their own journey? 
‘Choose your hard’. It’s hard to be healthy, and it’s hard to be unhealthy. I’d rather have my hard work pay off in a way that makes me feel strong and capable. The small things matter more than big diet/workout routine changes that don’t last and are too hard to achieve. I’ve incorporated small habits into my life over the years which has led me to having a lot of healthy daily things I do for myself to care for my body and mind. And if you’re pregnant/postpartum, make sure you’re taking care of your core! And if you don’t know how, find someone who does!
When did you really crack down and hit your health and fitness journey hard and what have you been doing?
I started with 8 weeks of bulk training and a slight change of diet by cutting out processed foods and alcohol i then started 2023 on carnivore diet and high I am still doing I am on my 8th week of my cut. All of this coupled with the infrared sauna and cold plunges I have seen an amazing turn around in all aspects of life. 
What has been the most helpful facet of Fusion Athletic Club during your journey?
My favorite thing about fusion is the feeling of a community and group of people all aligned with one goal, health. 
What has been the hardest part of your journey and how have you pushed through to keep going?
The hardest part of my journey has been diet which is why I started carnivore to reset my GI biome. 
How has your progress made a difference in your every day life?
I am determined to be proud of my past self.  Life has gotten better in every aspect imaginable. The mental fortitude alone is worth the struggle the aesthetics and longevity gains  are just a plus. 
Any words of advice for anyone thinking about starting their fitness journey?
Words of advice, “It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.” - Socrates.  It’s better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war