fusion 50

Signature Group Training Program

science-driven, high-energy, proven workout

Do you need a workout routine that pushes you to your limits with amazing payoffs? Do you want that extra push from someone in the same training trenches as you? Enter Fusion Fifty, our adult group workout program that runs on 5 core pillars: Programming, Culture, Technology, Peer Encouragement and our Milestone System.

designed by talent and experience

Fusion Athletic Club only hires trainers that are well educated and skilled in their areas of expertise. These adept and passionate individuals designed Fusion Fifty’s unique and science-proven workout programs for all levels of fitness at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Any members looking to be challenged at their current physical fitness positioning will meet their match.

A Music-Fueled Light Show

Little else gets the mind and body more amped than motivating music. With Fusion Fifty’s DJ booth, we blast the best variety of workout, hip-hop, and dance songs. The lighting effects will reflect the beats booming from the robust speaker system to provide an exercise experience that’s unlike any you’ve seen before.

group of adults working out at Fusion 50

Wearable Tech

Smartwatches and smartphones have altered our outlook on exercising, especially with how we keep track of heart rates. Fusion Fifty’s wearable tech constantly analyzes your heart rate during group sessions as a way to compete against yourself or as a team so you can see how to best utilize your efforts.

Witness Your Progress Firsthand

Physical and mental growth is perhaps the most important reason anyone should get into shape. With our Milestone System, we’ll help you realize those aspirations by setting and keeping close track of your small triumphs and grandest achievements through weekly, monthly, and long-term goals.

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our mission statement

Fusion Fifty’s mission is to deliver high-energy workouts
that are driven by science and supported by results.