Frequently Asked Questions


When will you open?

Answer:  We are scheduled to open sometime in April of 2021.  Obviously, construction can be unpredictable.

When will I be billed for my first month?

Answer:  You will not be billed until after we open.  We will invite all our Founder members in for a sneak peek a few days before we open.  During this visit our staff will meet with you and pick the best day of the month that works for your membership dues to be drafted.

What if I join before you open and change my mind?

Answer:  Your membership will not begin until we open.  If you change your mind before we open, we will terminate your membership upon your request.  *there is a 3-day grace period after we open to terminate membership

Are there any family discounts?

Answer:  We have minimized our pricing to include family discounts.  We will waive enrollment fees for family members.

What happens after my initial membership term ends?

Answer: At the end of the 12- or 24-month term, your membership will go month to month.  You will be able to cancel at any time with a 30-day notice.

What are the age requirements to join Fusion Athletic Club?

Answer:  Due to liability and safety, kids must be 14 years of age to join Fusion Athletic Club.  Anyone that is under the age of 18 must have their parent or legal guardian give consent for them to join and their parent or guardian must always be with them.

When will pricing & signups be available for Fusion Sports Lab?

Answer:  We will begin signups for Fusion Sports Lab after we open.  It is important that we understand your kids needs and goals before making a professional recommendation.

What are the age requirements to join Fusion Sports Lab?

Answer: Kids 8 years and older can train in the Sports Lab.

Will there be discounts for my kid to train in the Sports Lab if I am a member of Fusion Athletic Club?

Answer:  Yes!  We will provide more details when we open.

Will you adhere to the COVID guidelines?

Answer:  Yes!  We hope that life will be getting back to normal by the time we open.  We will fully enforce the recommended guidelines set by the CDC.  All members will be required to wear a mask upon entering and leaving the facility or anytime you can’t social distance (6 feet) from others.  We will provide hand sanitizer stations throughout the facility and sanitize the equipment periodically throughout the day. 

When is the club enhancement fee billed?

Answer:  It is billed 120 days after joining then annually moving forward.

What is the club enhancement fee used for?

Answer:  It is an annual fee that is used to improve the facility with new equipment, wear and tear, and prevent membership dues from increasing.

Are there free group classes?

Answer: Yes!  Our Fusion Base membership includes free group classes.  The schedule will be available when we open.

Will you have personal trainers?

Answer:  Yes!  Every new member will be given a free Fusion Kick-Off session with one of our certified trainers to ensure you are set up with a plan to achieve your fitness goals.

Will you accept Silver Sneakers?

Answer:  Yes!  When we open you will be able to set up the account with us.